The Bolshoi Stage Is Closer Than It Seems

The Bolshoi Stage Is Closer Than It Seems

Admire the Bolshoi Theater artists through a monitor or learn their skills first hand, standing on the main ballet stage of the country? Everyone makes their own choice.

A chance not to be missed. In the case of the Young Artists Ballet Program of the Bolshoi Theater supported by Ingosstrakh, these are not big words, but a real fact. This could also be a piece of advice for a talented aspiring artist.

So, to get lucky and use this opportunity to enter the main stage of the country, you should:

●      shoot and send a video with your performance;

●      be ready to come to Moscow for the second qualifying round;

●      devote a lot of time and effort to your favorite art of classical dance to get better results.

The Young Artists Ballet Program supports artists from the regions. It can be a springboard, a runway and an invaluable experience for every talented and passionate ballet dancer.