Anna Kozina, 19 years old

Anna Kozina, 19 years old

In 2020, she graduated from the School of Classical Dance headed by Gennady and Larisa Ledyakh. After receiving her diploma, she was planning to perform on stage as part of the Kremlin Ballet company, but the completion of her studies coincided with the onset of the pandemic, and all performances were canceled in the theater.

Anna's path to ballet began at the age of two in the rhythmic gymnastics club. "The most persistent and coordinated kid," - Anna’s first teachers used to say, usually they began working with children at the age of five.  When Anna was six, dancing appeared in her life for the first time, and at eight it was time for ballet. At that time, Anna's parents were on a business trip in Switzerland, and Alfonso Basilio, teacher and founder of his own dance academy, became the first mentor of the aspiring young artist.

When Anna was 11, her family returned to Moscow. Anna took exams to enter different academies, but since her decision to enter a vocational school was spontaneous, Anna failed the first auditions. By the time of the exams at the Ledyakh School of Classical Dance Anna was already prepared, first of all psychologically. It was in this school that Anna Kozina studied for seven years on the course of Marina Krutovskaya. In the second year, Anna and her classmates learned that they had to graduate ahead of schedule. So, Anna received her diploma as a ballet dancer when she was barely 18.

Galina Ulanova, Anna Pavlova, Olga Lepeshinskaya, Ekaterina Krysanova - names of these ballerinas are on Anna Kozina's professional guiding stars list.

Both on stage and in the ballet class, Anna is used to controlling not only her moves, but also her emotions: “I believe that you should never notice hard work in a ballet dancer - even in a rehearsal room, we must show that performing the most difficult combinations is as if familiar to us and everything is easy.”