World Ballet Day: When the Best Stages Are Open

World Ballet Day: When the Best Stages Are Open

For connoisseurs of ballet, October is a special month. Indeed, International Ballet Day is a time when you can see how the best troupes from different countries work. 

When and How Did Ballet Get its Day on the Calendar

At the end of the last century, ballet professionals did not have their holiday. Since 1982, people have celebrated International Dance Day, and it was common to congratulate ballet dancers on the same day - April 29. 

Later, however, the ballet received its own highlight in the calendar. Ballet Day began to be celebrated in October, and more recently - since 2014 - it acquired the status of an international holiday. At the same time, there appeared the tradition of online ballet broadcasts from world theater stages. On October 1, 2014, Internet users from different countries were able to see fragments of rehearsals of famous productions, to observe the artists at work and behind the scenes. Connoisseurs of classical dance could take virtual tours of the Bolshoi Theater, London’s Covent Garden, the San Francisco Ballet, the Australian Ballet and the National Ballet of Canada. 

International Ballet Day does not have a fixed date: every year, the October day of the holiday is chosen so that it is convenient for the participating theaters to join the big online broadcast. This year we will again have the opportunity to visit the Bolshoi Ballet.  

Ballet Day 2021: Online Broadcasts from World Theaters and Challenge in Social Networks

This year, about 50 theaters around the world will take part in the celebration of World Ballet Day. Participants prepare their programs to give joy to connoisseurs of fine art. 

The idea of a large-scale international holiday is being jointly implemented by representatives of the British Royal Ballet, the State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia and the Australian Ballet. During the holiday on October 19, viewers will be able to see online broadcasts from world stages. It will be possible to virtually travel to the building of the London Royal Ballet to see a rehearsal of a new production directed by choreographer Wayne McGregor - Dante’s Project to music by composer Thomas Adès. 

It will also be possible to take an online ballet lesson, which will be led by Australian ballet premier David Holberg. After that, you will immediately go to the rehearsal of the Australian ballet troupe, where the artists will work on the productions of Harlequinade" and Romeo and Juliet.

For three whole hours, ballet connoisseurs will be able to immerse themselves in the stage world of the Bolshoi Theater. Online broadcast from the main ballet stage of the country will include fragments of rehearsals of several productions, such as Orlando, Don Quixote, La Bayadere and Pharaoh’s Daughter. The program will be hosted by Bolshoi Theater premier Artem Ovcharenko and ballerina Ana Turazashvili. 

The Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky Theaters, as well as the Perm Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theater and the Yekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, which will take part in the project for the first time, will join the broadcast on World Ballet Day.  

The world flashmob in social networks will make this day truly interactive. On October 19, all users who are not indifferent to ballet and art will be able to capture themselves in a jump inspired by ballet steps and post a photo on social networks with the hashtag #WorldBalletDay. On the Internet, this challenge will be called “Jump for Joy”. 

The program of the online celebration of World Ballet Day 2021 can be seen on the Bolshoi Theater website.