Bolshoi Debuts: Overview of the February Productions

Bolshoi Debuts: Overview of the February Productions

Which ballerinas and dancers will appear on stage of the Bolshoi Theater for the first time in February productions? We are going to tell you this in a special review.

February debutantes

Ekaterina Besedina made her debut on February 6 in Le Corsaire as the Soloist in the Dance of the Pirates; on February 12, in Don Quixote with the Gypsy Dance; on February 16, in Coppelia (Czardash).

Another February debutante is Anastasia Meskova, appeared on stage in Don Quixote twice. On February 10, she performed Bolero; on February 11, Fandango solo.

Nelly Kobakhidze is going to debut in several productions in February: On 17 February, she will dance the part of Mazurka in Coppelia; on 20 February, the part of Anna in La Sylphide.

Debutante Elizaveta Kruteleva will also appear on stage several times: On February 20, she makes her debut as Effie (La Sylphide). On February 14, the ballerina took part in the production of Giselle for the first time and danced Peasant Pas de Deux; and on February 5, in Le Corsaire (Second Odalisque).

Among the February debutantes are Margarita Shreiner (Gulnara in Le Corsaire on February 3) and the ballerinas performing the parts in The Lively Garden (Le Corsaire) - Ksenia Averina, Stanislava Postnova, Maria Mishina, Daria Dmitrievskaya and Ekaterina Klyavlina. The Dance with Fans in the February productions of Le Corsaire was performed by debutantes Kristina Petrova and Ekaterina Klyavlina, and the parts of the First and Second Odalisques were danced by Daria Khokhlova and Antonina Chapkina, staged on February 3. The part of the Third Odalisque on February 5 was performed by Maria Mishina, the First Odalisque on February 6 was danced by Anastasia Denisova.

Also in February, Eva Sergeenkova (Lady of the Dryads in Don Quixote on February 11), Olga Smirnova (Medora in Le Corsaire on February 4), Eleonora Sevenard (Medora in Le Corsaire on February 5), Alena Kovaleva and Olga Marchenkova debuted on the Bolshoi stage (both performed the part of Medora in Le Corsaire on 6 February).

On February 19, Victoria Yakusheva will make her debut in La Sylphide, she will dance the part of Effie.

February debutants

Several dancers made their debut in the February Le Corsaire in the lead roles. Among them are Denis Rodkin, Egor Gerashchenko and Artemy Belyakov, who played the role of Konrad in the productions on February 3 and 6.

In the productions of Le Corsaire, several dancers first appeared on stage of the Bolshoi in the role of Birbanto. Among them are Mikhail Lobukhin (February 5), Alexander Vodopetov and Egor Khromushin (February 6). Several debutants also took part in the Dance of the Slaves: Igor Pugachev (February 4), Ivan Poddubnyak (February 5), Alexey Putintsev and David Motta Soares (February 6). Moreover, Alexander Fadeechev (Keeper of the Harem staged on February 3 and Seyd-Pasha staged on February 4), Dmitry Umnikov (Eunuch's part), Dmitry Smilevsky and Denis Zakharov (soloists in the Dance with Fans), Yuri Ostrovsky (Isaac Lankedem) made their debuts in the February productions of Le Corsaire. 

Starting from February 19, La Sylphide is on stage of the Bolshoi Theater. Meet the debutants: Klim Efimov will enter the stage for the first time in the production on February 20 (Friend), and Ivan Prazdnikov will perform the part of the Old Musician on the same day.

On February 23, Artyom Kalistratov will debut in the production of The Bright Stream in the role of the Accordionist, and Arthur Mkrtchyan and Mikhail Kochan will perform the roles of the Field Workers from Kuban. On February 24, for the first time, Evgeny Triposkiadis will appear on the Bolshoi stage in The Bright Stream as Tractor Driver.