Artem Ovcharenko: A Romantic Principal Dancer

Artem Ovcharenko: A Romantic Principal Dancer

A Bolshoi Ballet Principal Dancer, Honored Artist of Russia, influencer, designer and actor - this is all about Artem Ovcharenko, who celebrates his birthday on December 31.  

His intuition was right

Artem Ovcharenko was born in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). His family had nothing to do with creative work and the boy didn’t get into ballet from a very young age. He was an active and fidgety kid, playing and doing different types of sports and creativity. 

But one day his mother took him to a ballet performance and Artem realized that he wanted to dance:

“I saw the ballet Don Quixote. It was a very strong impression, because for the first time I saw that such art exists. That there is such a dance. I saw the orchestra playing live, the auditorium enthusiastically welcoming the artists. I saw the size of the stage, the scenery, the costumes. I liked it all. I intuitively felt it then that it was mine.”

However, teachers didn’t see any special capabilities in the boy. But the indomitable desire that Artyom felt allowed him to overcome all obstacles. The ballet combined everything he liked so much: creativity, music and athleticism. 

The main motive is to become better than you are

After the Dnepropetrovsk State Choreographic School, Artem Ovcharenko entered the Moscow State Academy of Choreography. In 2007, he became an artist of the Bolshoi Theater corps de ballet. He rehearsed with Nikolai Tsiskaridze and Nikolai Fadeechev. 

It took Artem six years to go through all the ballet career stages, and in 2013 he became a principal dancer with the Bolshoi. Now, he is rehearsing under the guidance of the Honored Artist of the RSFSR Viktor Barykin. His repertoire includes The Nutcracker, The Master and Margarita, The Winter's Tale, The Seagull, Spartacus and other classical and modern productions. 

As Rudolf Nureyev

In 2015, Ovcharenko successfully played the lead role in the documentary drama Rudolf Nureyev: Dance to Freedom by Richard Curson Smith. 

The film shows the events of four months of the life of the brilliant dancer, ending with a scene at the Paris airport, where the Soviet artist became a "defector". Critics were supportive of Ovcharenko, his acting in the film received good and positive reviews. 

“I liked the atmosphere at the set, the interior life of actors, their feelings. I got into another dimension. It was addictive. Having this experience, I even began to relate differently to what I do on stage in ballet.”

A prince on stage

Artem took part in the Bolshoi Theater tours in Asia, Europe and America. He is also a guest star of renowned international ballet companies such as the Berlin State Ballet, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and the Hamburg State Opera. In 2020, Artem Ovcharenko became a laureate of the Russian National Golden Mask Prize. But he develops not only as a dancer, but also as a ballet clothes designer.  

You can follow the details of his career and life on Instagram, Artem uploads both work and personal photos. 

A prince in life

His wife, Anna Tikhomirova, and two children, Arianna and Daniel, accompany Artem in his life's journey. 

Anna is the first soloist of the Bolshoi Theater, daughter of the former ballet dancer of the Lithuanian Theater Nikolai Tikhomirov and granddaughter of the famous rhythmic gymnastics coach Lyudmila Tikhomirova. 

The love story of this beautiful, intelligent couple is simple and charming. They met at the Academy of Choreography. Anna was the first ballerina with whom Artem danced in a pair. 

A few years later, when both had already become artists of the Bolshoi Theater, they started dating. The beautiful and romantic wedding of Artem and Anna took place in 2016. Today, the spouses devote themselves completely to work, creativity and their family. 

Serving ballet

In February 2021, Artem Ovcharenko was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation at the Government House of the Russian Federation. At the awards ceremony, he made a short speech:

“I would like to express gratitude to my family, wife and children! You are my greatest motivators. To my relatives, friends, colleagues for their support. To my mentors and teachers, with whom we've come a long way - bright, creative and so difficult for me. I will continue to serve the Art of Ballet further.”