7 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Kids Who Enjoy Ballet

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Kids Who Enjoy Ballet

Following the list of gifts to make adult ballet lovers happy, we’d like to share our ideas for children. What to give a child who is inspired by ballet?

For socio-dramatic play: a ballerina doll

An easy way to make a young ballet lover happy is to give them a doll dressed up in a stage costume or doing a ballet pas, like this Barbie as the Sugar Plum Fairy. There are so many options available - from collectible series to common low-budget toys - that it won’t be difficult to find what you want. 

To always be there: a stuffed toy

The biggest difference between a stuffed toy and a doll is that it is more comfortable to sleep with; besides, you can use it for travel. Among all the ballet-inspired stuffed toys, you might choose one of the ballerina mice made in pastel colors or flamingos in a pink ballet tutu - they are so cute! 

For delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners: tableware with ballet illustrations 

Hot chocolate on a winter morning will seem more invigorating if you drink it from a mug with a ballerina picture in a snowy setting on it and daily soup will surely taste better in a bright plate with ballerina friends. Moms know that new interesting tableware can help awaken a fussy eater’s appetite. And if the kids are happy to immerse themselves in the ballet theme, why not support this hobby in the kitchen? 

For sweet dreams: a soft blanket

You can use textiles to make the room of a child who is fond of ballet cozier. Girls will definitely like a soft double-sided blanket - it is plush on one side and cotton with ballerina figures on the other. This blanket will look great in a crib or come in handy when traveling. 

For creative and diligent kids: a ballet-inspired diamond mosaic kit  

Making a diamond mosaic painting is a real creative meditation. You can choose from realistic or cartoon ballerina images, abstract drawings associated with the ballet topic or portraits. The painstaking but enthralling process will result in a sparkling diamond mosaic painting that you can hang on the wall or give your favorite ballet teacher. 

For coloring and playing: a pop-up book

A good present for creative children is an interactive book about ballet, you can transform its pages into a voluminous stage. Sets and costumes of paper ballerinas can be colored to your liking to create a true home theater. You can find such editions in different variations, the main thing is that the illustrations quality is decent and the paper is thick. In this case, you are sure to have a few delightful hours of coloring and playing! 

For study and entertainment: ballet-themed stationery 

The school year will continue after the Christmas holidays, but the supply of school stationery may have already dried up. You can replenish the stocks and support your child's hobby by choosing a drawing book, an organizer book or a case for pens and pencils. High-quality ballet-themed stationery is distinguished by grace and stylish design; so, the young fans of the dance art will certainly appreciate it!