5 Online Ballet Lessons for Children

5 Online Ballet Lessons for Children

Not only adults with different skill levels have an opportunity to learn ballet on the Internet. We’d like to tell you about ballet classes that children will enjoy.

A series of lessons from the Perm Ballet School Fouetté

On the Instagram account of this ballet school, you can find 9 complete lessons for practicing at home. These videos are designed for children in the middle age group or for those who are already familiar with the basics of ballet and are looking for high-quality educational videos.

You can find all the lessons in this series in the IgTV section, they are all built according to the same scenario. A ballerina performs exercises on a mat in the center of the room to the piano accompaniment. There are neither comments nor teacher in the video, so you will have to control the execution technique yourself. The flexibility and skills of the young ballerina in the videos prove the fact that these classes are not suitable for beginners. 

Recordings of offline lessons for the 4-6 year olds

A Minsk school called Russian Ballet Studio, on their Instagram account, shows the educational process and results of their students in detail. Two videos deserve special attention, these are parts of real ballet lessons for children of 4 to 6 years old. This is not an online lesson format addressed to a viewer on the other side of the monitor. These are parts of the actual classes taught at the school but filmed from a good angle.

Such videos are useful if a child wants to feel the atmosphere of a real ballet lesson, repeat the movements after the students and shape their own attitude to ballet as a result. The videos are sped up, so your child will likely need adult help with the exercises when they view them for the first time. But the diligence and involvement of the young students of the Minsk school can inspire them to attend a trial ballet lesson offline. 

A lesson with the Bolshoi Theater ballet dancer

It has been 8 years since this video tutorial appeared on YouTube, but young dancers can still learn something new and be inspired by the example of mentoring ballet dancer Xenia Pchelkina. This lesson was recorded for the Polye dance school and was built as a duet of a professional artist and a second grade ballet student. The lesson takes place in the middle of the dance class, the participants don’t use the ballet barre in it. They move synchronously, positioning themselves opposite each other.

There are no comments on the technique in the video, classical music is playing instead. The lesson will be beneficial for those who continue to study ballet, and beginners can get inspired by the purity of the dancing lines and the grace of the performers. 

A classic lesson at the barre for ballerinas from 8 to 12 years old

The network of children's ballet schools Lil Ballerine has their own YouTube channel called Ballet school, where you can find lessons for children of different ages. One of the most viewed educational videos is a class for the 8-12 years old children. This video, which is almost half an hour long, has more that 70,000 views. It is the first one in a series for this age group.

The lesson is taught by a teacher of the Lil Ballerine ballet school, a student helps her. The lesson is dedicated to classical dance and has a piano accompaniment. As guided by the teacher, the young ballerina begins the lesson with a bow and warm-up. The teacher monitors if the exercises are done correctly and gives pieces of advice. The movements are performed at a slow pace, so it won’t be difficult even for beginners to repeat them.

Then, the ballerina and the teacher move on to the barre, where they perform plies and bends, hone ballet positions. The teacher explains some movements and their combinations to the girl right during the lesson, this is also convenient and clear for those who just begin doing ballet.

Perhaps, the only thing this online tutorial lacks is dynamics. The whole lesson takes place at the barre: the ballerina goes to the middle of the room only at the beginning and at the end to bow. The lesson is good for methodical and thorough work at the barre, but for beginner dancers it may seem monotonous. Another important aspect is that you can achieve an equivalent result if you have a ballet barre or a static support installed at the required height. 

Stretching exercises from the Kazan school Pearl

On the Instagram account of this ballet school, you can find a series of well-filmed short video tutorials with basic exercises for ballet learners. Six videos in the IgTV format are built on the same principle: a teacher explains the theoretical basis of the exercise, then a young student performs the movement under the teacher’s guidance. Such exercises as "frog", "basket", "butterfly" are well known to many novice ballerinas. Short lessons will help you hone your skills and improve stretching.

Detailed theoretical recommendations allow you to perform exercises under the supervision of parents, and, at an older age, independently. Another advantage is that the lessons are filmed aesthetically and are not too long. The only disadvantage is that there are not many lessons in this format on the ballet school page.