5 Children's Books About Ballet

5 Children's Books About Ballet

Readers from preschool to adolescence will love these books. The authors talk not only about ballet art, but also about aesthetics, feelings and emotions.

The Little Dancers: Showtime! by Maryann Macdonald

This is a story of stage debut for the little ones. The book introduces its readers to the children from a ballet class who are preparing for their first performance: they assign roles, rehearse and get the feel of their parts. There is a younger participant among them, and this will be the very first performance for her. The guys promise to help her tune in and dance without much worry.

 A beautifully illustrated book, it talks about relationships in a group of children, about friendship and mutual help, and also about the importance of overcoming fear and shyness. The book is good both for reading with adults and for independent immersion in the world of ballet and art. 

Ballet. A Book About Limitless Possibilities by Polina Mokhova

This is an encyclopedia of ballet for young readers. The first part covers the history of classical dance, the second part tells you about the basic rules and ballet technique, and the third part is about the inner workings of the ballet world. Readers will also get acquainted with Russian ballet and outstanding ballerinas - a separate spread is dedicated to them. 

 The book is well illustrated, and the text is easy to read. At the end, there are self-test questions so that you could consolidate knowledge. This encyclopedia will be interesting even for the youngest readers and can become their first source of knowledge about the art of ballet. 

Diary of Delphine by Odette Joyeux

The main character of the book by the French writer is a twelve-year-old girl. Delphine is a student of the Grand Opera Ballet School in Paris. She confides her dreams about the big stage to her diary and talks about the love of dance. However, her path won’t be easy: the main character will face challenges and make difficult choices. 

 The book will be of interest to children and teenagers, as it describes the experiences of their peers, talks about eternal truths and pulls back the curtain on the world of ballet art at the same time. 

Io, la danza, le amiche e papà by Paola Zannoner

The main character Bianca is twelve years old. She has a big goal - to enter the Ballet Academy and become a professional dancer. She often faces misunderstanding on the way to her dream, but her father becomes the source of the most powerful support. He moves to another city together with Bianca, looks for a new job there and helps his daughter with everyday life. The girl gets used to the new place: she makes progress and finds friends. The father cordially welcomes the young ballerinas, cooks dinner for the future stars, and even drives them home. At one point, they have six ballerinas in their small apartment at once! Will the teenage daughter and her father be able to maintain a relationship of mutual assistance and support? Readers can expect to find not only variations on the eternal theme of parents and children, but also immersion in everyday life and the inner workings of a professional ballet academy. 

Ballet Shoes: A Story of Three Children on the Stage by Noel Streatfeild

The story by the English writer tells you about the life of three orphan girls in London. They find shelter in the house of a scientist and traveler. Each character has a cherished dream: one girl dreams of the glory of an actress, the second one wants to dedicate her life to airplanes, and the third is eager to dance on the ballet stage - besides, she has already got shoes, inherited from her mother. The three girls depicted on the pages of the book give readers an example of sincere dedication to their work, friendly support and creativity. Each of them can become an excellent role model for a teenager.