3 Ballets to Watch with Children at Home

3 Ballets to Watch with Children at Home

Parents often unreasonably believe that their children are too young for classical art, and when the child reaches adolescence, they understand that it is too late to instill a sense of beauty.

In fact, even a preschooler is quite capable of watching a ballet production with genuine interest. The main thing here is to properly organize the kid's introduction to ballet. For example, it is no need to buy theater tickets right away - it can be difficult for a fidget to keep silent, sit in one place and follow the plot for a long time. But watching a ballet video at home will allow you to sit comfortably, stop and resume at any time or comment on the libretto. It's good to choose a production based on a fairy tale that the child knows well.

Here, we are going to tell you about three ballets, watching which will help your child fall in love with classical art.

The Sleeping Beauty

At the end of the 19th century, the great composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote music for the ballet The Sleeping Beauty and invited Marius Petipa to produce it. As for the artistic solutions, the ballet turned out to be absolutely magnificent. Even today it is distinguished by spectacular costumes and decorations, which impress young spectators and capture their attention for a long time.

The philosophical thought of love awakening to life is conveyed to the child's consciousness through great music and choreography. And children, unlike adults, are able to perceive this romantic meaning without skepticism, with an open heart.

There are several official videos of The Sleeping Beauty ballet, we recommend the Bolshoi Theater production with Svetlana Zakharova in the title role.

The Nutcracker

Let's go back to the late 19th century. Two years after the premiere of The Sleeping Beauty ballet, the audience saw the first Nutcracker, a production based on Hoffmann's fairy tale The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. And again, Tchaikovsky and Petipa created a masterpiece, which, even in our century, remains the most popular ballet in the whole world, judging by the number of performances.

Some of them are available for video viewing. The Nutcracker of the Bolshoi Theater was staged by Yuri Grigorovich based on the scenario motives by Petipa. This ballet enchants both children and adults - it’s a real Christmas fairy tale!

And The Nutcracker of the Mariinsky Theater, in which Mikhail Shemyakin was the production designer, brings the Hoffmannian spirit to the ballet with the help of grotesque and bizarre transformations.

Which of the Nutcrackers your child will prefer, even parents can’t know for sure. Since the main events take place in the first act, you can try and watch both productions. After that, it is worth discussing with the child which one they liked more and why.


Cipollino is considered one of the best ballets staged especially for children.

The composer Karen Khachaturyan wrote the music and the libretto was created by Gennady Rykhlov based on the fairy tale by Gianni Rodari.

Rykhlov had an idea of a ballet when he was watching the Cipollino cartoon, in which Khachaturian's music was already playing. The ballet score also includes musical fragments previously written by the composer for other Soviet cartoons.

At home, you can watch the 1976 ballet Cipollino, as well as productions of the 21st century, including those performed by the Bolshoi Theater troupe.

The choreographic vocabulary of the ballet only enhanced the charm of the onion boy and his friends. Children are usually happy to see dancing vegetables and fruits.

Repertoires of different theaters have other ballet performances based on children's literature. Continuing to acquaint your child with the ballet, watch together such performances as Cinderella, Moidodyr (Wash'em Clean), Firebird, Stone Flower, Bambi.

It is crucial not to push your kid when introducing them to art. For example, try to get the child interested in the original plot of the fairy tale first and only then proceed to watching the ballet.