What to Give a Ballet Lover for Christmas?

What to Give a Ballet Lover for Christmas?

A meaningful Christmas gift is the best way to show your care and attention. We’ve selected seven options that will make a ballet  connoisseur happy.  

For interesting reading: a monograph about Sergei Diaghilev

Lynn Garafola, a dance professor at Columbia University, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, has dedicated a monograph to the legendary ballet impresario. The book Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes is beautifully illustrated with photographs of the era; the central place in the narrative is given to the leader of the famous ballet company. The author writes about him as follows:  

“Diaghilev was a man of ferocious will and discerning taste, encyclopedic knowledge and passionate curiosity — a Napoleon of the arts and a Renaissance man in one.”

For the Christmas tree: ballet-inspired decorations

A ballet connoisseur will definitely be happy to decorate the Christmas tree with a meaning, adding one of the symbols of their hobby to a fluffy coniferous branch. Ballerina Christmas ornaments look graceful and pointe shoes are so touching. You can also find characters from your favorite ballets: one of the most popular Christmas tree decorations is the Nutcracker, but you can also get a figure of Odette from Swan Lake. 

For female beauty: a pocket mirror with a Degas painting 

Ballerinas on the canvases by the French impressionist Edgar Degas always combine inspiration and pure beauty, femininity and mystery. The artist was painting The Star in 1876-1878. In the center is a ballerina flying to the music, barely touching the stage with one pointe shoe. 

The portrait by Degas was transferred to one of the most important items in a lady's purse. A true connoisseur of classical dance art can take a special satisfaction in getting an elegant mirror with a successful reference to Degas' painting out of a little bag.  

For inspiring dreams: a ballerina nightlight

Thanks to its weightless design - a glass dancer figure with LEDs standing on a wooden base - this lamp will fit into any interior. And a ballet lover will definitely appreciate its elegance and simplicity. The nightlight has three modes, allowing you to switch from cold bright to warm dimmed light. As a power source you can use a regular outlet, a laptop or a portable charger.  

For a stylish look: ballerina earrings 

Accessories are able to complete any look and help the owner express their individuality more vividly. Therefore, a connoisseur of classical dance will definitely like earrings, a brooch or a pendant inspired by the ballet theme. There are so many options - from laconic costume jewelry with cubic zirkonia matching any everyday outfit to luxurious jewelry made of gold with precious stones. These pieces will be especially appropriate at theatrical premieres and other outstanding events of cultural life. 

For holiday tea-parties: porcelain cups

Products manufactured by the Imperial Porcelain Factory are appreciated by both collectors and aesthetes; many people carefully keep their hand-painted tea or coffee cups with sauces, and pass them on. But if you are craving for beauty and lightness here and now, don’t keep these items till better days! For example, the trio coffee set with picturesque variations from the Giselle ballet isn’t meant to collect dust on a shelf behind glass, it should make your every morning more beautiful.  

For home comfort: a ballet throw blanket 

Long winter evenings will be much cozier with a soft throw blanket. It’s so good to read an interesting book or watch your favorite TV series snuggling in it. There is a great variety of home textile designs, including ballet-themed ones. For example, this warm throw blanket with a monochrome ballerinas image, its laconic colors will suit any interior and knitted, slightly fluffy, fabric will keep you warm even in severe frost.