Top 5 YouTube Channels with Ballet Tutorials

Top 5 YouTube Channels with Ballet Tutorials

To learn the basics of ballet you don’t necessarily need to go to a classical dance studio. You can feel like a ballerina without leaving your home. We’ve selected different online classes for different ages and levels of training.

Lil Ballerine - for the little ones

The YouTube channel of the international network of children's ballet schools can inspire the youngest dancers to take classes. The founders of the school emphasize that their teaching methodology is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. 

On the channel, you can find lessons for different age categories: from 3 to 5 years old, from 5 to 7 years old and from 8 to 12 years old. To inspire the young dancers to get a dream of dancing on a real stage, there are also performances from reporting concerts, whole performances with the participation of the school’s students and videos from regional branches. 

The channel will also be interesting for the young beginners to consolidate the basics and get imbued with the ideas of a ballet school and a ballet company.

Smart Ballet - for beginner adults

The YouTube channel is hosted by Sol Kim and Ilya Kuznetsov, graduates of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography. Sol Kim was born in South Korea and has been living in Moscow since the age of 11. Ilya Kuznetsov is an experienced teacher, professor of the Department of Methods of Teaching Classical Dance at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, his students even dance on stage of the Bolshoi. 

Sol Kim and Ilya Kuznetsov came up with their ballet studio in 2010. Today, the DanceSecret is also available for online training. In this ballet school, lessons begin with classical positions and steps: teachers talk about common mistakes that beginners make, give assignments and show how to practice moves both in the center of the dance classroom and at the barre. 

On the Smart Ballet YouTube channel, you can find not only classical ballet classes, but also short 5-minute workouts to tighten your body and burn some fat. The teachers also tried an educational format - they made videos about the history of ballet and outstanding performances, as well as interviews with Nikolai Tsiskaridze as an invited expert. 

If classical ballet classes are more relevant for you than popular fitness 5-minute workouts, you will have to get back to earlier videos or enroll in the online school. 

Evgeniya Obraztsova’s channel - for experienced dancers

Take a few lessons from a prima ballerina right from home - it is possible! Ballerina Evgeniya Obraztsova danced at the Mariinsky Theater; since 2012, she has become a prima ballerina at the Bolshoi Theater. From the same time, her repertoire on the Moscow stage has included the starring roles in such ballets as The Sleeping Beauty, Anyuta, La Sylphide, Giselle, The Nutcracker and other productions. 

On her YouTube channel, Obraztsova shares video tutorials for several categories of students. In the "Everyone to Class!" project, you can find videos for the students of 10-13 years old (junior group) and 13-16 years old (intermediate group), as well as classes based on her own methodology "At Home Lesson" in four parts. There is material for the "advanced" students too - videos of the prima ballerina’s master classes shot in the dance room. The are many nice bonuses on the channel: a stage make-up master class, films about performances, in which the ballerina danced, and videos from rehearsals. 

The channel is especially useful for those whose level of training allows them to learn from the masters. Such online tutorial mentoring is a good solution. 

Kathryn Morgan’s channel - for those who want to get to know the American Ballet School

The former soloist with the New York City Ballet and Miami City Ballet can be called an American YouTube star. She has been vlogging since 2008 and still regularly posts videos gaining thousands of views. 

Morgan's lessons are designed for several training levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced. In her video lessons, the ballerina also shows parts from the famous productions, including The Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Don Quixote. On Kathryn Morgan’s channel, you can also find tutorials on the "technical" side of ballet: videos with useful tips and recordings from workshops will be useful to future professionals. 


This channel is good to start your acquaintance with the American ballet school and gain valuable experience from a practicing artist. 

Ballet Beautiful - for those who are inspired by the ballet aesthetics

The YouTube channel is aimed at an adult female audience. The body ballet content that is closer to fitness than to art is complemented here by classical dance lessons, where the teacher explains how to perform pirouettes and batman in short videos. 

You can also find videos on different ballet-related topics: for example, a tutorial on how to make a classic ballet bun on the back of your head or how to build up a whole workout based on a ballet plie or an arabesque. Even ordinary exercise sets in the videos on this channel don’t look like those on other typical fitness channels. The environment - a light studio and a ballet barre in the frame - add a specific flavor. 

This channel will be interesting to everyone who wants to keep fit, improve their flexibility and endurance, but are tired of the gym surroundings.