Multi-Episode Ballet

Multi-Episode Ballet

While the creators of the Ballet series starring Ingeborga Dapkunaite and John Malkovich are determining the date of the premiere, we are going to tell you about this and other shows that you can watch right now

Ballet, 2021

Director Evgeniy Sangadzhiev, who recently made his debut with the Happy End series, is about to present a drama about ballet, which was announced last year. The story told in 8 episodes is centered around the world-renowned choreographer Ruth Myers, played by Ingeborga Dapkunaite. The former prima ballerina returns from the United States to the Russian theater to produce a modern ballet on the classical stage. The event has cultural repercussions and impacts the professional destinies of the troupe's dancers.

Multi-Episode Ballet

Press-releases mention that the movie was filmed in the scenery of the "main theater of the country." In addition to Dapkunaite, the cast includes Marusya Fomina, Igor Gordin, John Malkovich and Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Flesh and Bone, 2015

Another drama about ballet that also has eight episodes. Drama means everything here - everybody suffers! A girl with a dark and mysterious past named Claire runs away from home and gets a job with a prestigious ballet company in New York. The happy ending turns into beginning of a story about the ballet underside and human vices. Despite its oppressive and tense atmosphere the series has a particular cold beauty. The main role was played by Sarah Hay, an actress with a professional ballet background, who made dancing and training look impressive and convincing.Multi-Episode Ballet

The age limit of 18+ is no coincidence - there are a lot of bed scenes and taboo topics. In 2016, Flesh and Bone got two Golden Globe nominations:  Best Miniseries and Best Actress in a Miniseries.

Tiny Pretty Things, 2020

A youth thriller series Tiny Pretty Things is filmed by Netflix based on the novel of the same name by Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra. The plot of the series is similar to that of Flesh and Bone: the main character, Neveah, enters a prestigious ballet company, this time it is a Chicago choreographic school, but her joy is quickly overshadowed by the toxic atmosphere of the institution. This series is also full of beautiful dances, sex scenes, unconventional love and hypertrophied suffering, but a detective line becomes the main one here.

Multi-Episode Ballet

The girl finds out that she took the place of one of the best students of the school, who was pushed from the fourth floor by an unknown person. The creators managed to keep the intrigue until the very end and, probably, the series will be continued - there are hints of it in the finale; besides, the literary source consists of two parts.

Find Me in Paris, 2018-2020

The main character, Lena Grisky, studies the art of dance at the ballet school of the Paris Opera and simultaneously travels in time - she arrived in the 21st century from 1905. The boyfriend left in the past seeks to return his beloved, who has her own worries: she has to figure out her relationship with him, and also study, dance on the Parisian rooftops, win battles with hip-hoppers on the Eiffel Tower and deal with the time travel police.

Multi-Episode Ballet

The series is made in the sitcom genre and has three seasons so far.

Bunheads, 2012

The comedy series Bunheads (in eight episodes again!) is set in a ballet school in a small coastal town. The main character, Michelle, is a Las Vegas showgirl and a former professional ballerina. After getting married, she moves with her husband to a small American town, where she becomes a teacher at the ballet school of her eccentric mother-in-law. The humor on the show is really good! And there’s a lot of dancing. But, according to the plot, the quality of performance evolves gradually, and the choreography is far from classical - sometimes, it reminds of a music-hall show.

Multi-Episode Ballet

The American ballet school of Marat Daukaev, a ballet dancer and honored artist of the RSFSR, took part in the filming. And one of the characters was played by a student of the school, Matisse Love.