The Iconic Foreign Choreographers

The Iconic Foreign Choreographers

The world of contemporary dance is like an ocean - a huge number of styles, trends, flamboyant dancers and choreographers. The expert of the IngoDance portal, prima ballerina Anastasia Isaeva would like to tell you about five choreographers, and these names are definitely worth remembering.

The Iconic Foreign Choreographers

Akram Khan, 47 years old

Akram Khan, a British dancer and choreographer, studied traditional Indian dance in his childhood, later he learned contemporary dance at De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester and performing arts at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) in Leeds. He is considered one of the most famous figures in the world of contemporary dance and tours extensively. You can see his performances all over the world, including the Moscow State Stanislavsky and  Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theater (MAMT). 

Akram Khan's performances always mean an original interpretation, an extraordinary way of looking at things and a special plastique language that involves elements of Indian dance, being a reflection of Eastern culture, and, at the same time, organically intertwines with the language and plasticity of contemporary dance.

Akram Khan is loved by critics and has received numerous awards. Among his trophies is the main theater award in Great Britain - the Olivier Award for the ballet Giselle. This original interpretation of the ballet can be seen in cinema. 

The Iconic Foreign Choreographers

Alexander Ekman, 37 years old

Alexander Ekman studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. At the age of 16, he became a dancer with the Royal Swedish Ballet. He began his choreographic activity early - at the age of 21, and quickly gained fame. In less than ten years of work, in 2013, he was nominated for the prestigious Olivier Award for his  production of Cacti. Today, Ekman's performances are included in the repertoire of Monte-Carlo Ballet, Boston Ballet, Netherlands Dance Theater and MAMT. 

And his author's version of the Swan Lake ballet, staged at the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet Theater is believed to be one of his most significant works: it took 5,000 liters of water on stage to implement the idea! 

Alexander is one of the few choreographers who can masterfully work with satire, which is quite difficult to express in the plastique language. However, Ekman does it perfectly: his ballet Tulle can serve as a good example, where the choreographer, with his usual irony, shows the backstage that is full of drama. Ekman dissected classical ballet, brought to light everything that is usually hidden behind the curtain, but, surprisingly, that is nothing short of a hymn to art.

The Iconic Foreign Choreographers

Ohad Naharin, 69 years old

Ohad Naharin started dancing quite late - at 22, at the Batsheva Dance Company in Israel. It was here that he met Martha Graham, a famous American choreographer. Naharin joined her dance company and continued his studies at the School of American Ballet. Later, after working in America, he returned to Israel and headed the Batsheva Dance Company.

Today, his productions are included in the repertoire of the Frankfurt Ballet, the Lyon Opera Ballet, the Paris National Opera Ballet, the Royal Danish Ballet and MAMT. 

The name of Ohad Naharin is inscribed in the history of modern dance. Not only did he create an extensive creative heritage, but also developed his own improvisational technique called "Gaga" - a special language of plastique movement. 

The choreographer won a large number of awards and honorary titles. There are several documentaries about him.

 The Iconic Foreign Choreographers

Marco Goecke, 48 years old

Marco Goecke began his studies at a ballet school in his home city of Wuppertal, continued in Munich at the Heinz Bosl Foundation Ballet Academy and completed them at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. He quickly realized that a dancer career was not his cup of tea and began the path of a choreographer. The takeoff was rapid: today, you can see his productions in theaters around the world. 

Profound ideas in the performances and atypical movements of the dancers give his works a special flavor and unique style. He prefers dark tones and dim lighting, the entire production can be focused on small objects at times - this technique helps him draw the audience’s attention to the minute details of the dance, the choreographer sometimes puts the basic meaning in.  

The Iconic Foreign Choreographers

Edward Klug, 48 years old

He graduated from the National Ballet School in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Before he had a choreographic education, he began to stage performances at the Slovene National Theatre in Maribor, where he worked as a dancer. 

The choreography career developed so successfully that in 2003 he was appointed artistic director of the ballet company of the Maribor Slovene National Theatre and gained worldwide fame. Klug has staged ballets for the Stuttgart Ballet, the Zurich Ballet, the Netherlands Ballet, the Australian Ballet, the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater and the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

Edward Klug is one of the most famous choreographers nowadays. He has a vivid and recognizable style, a specific vision of performances makes him an important figure in the world of modern dance.  

Very soon, on December 1 this year, the Bolshoi Theater audience will have an opportunity to see the two-act ballet Master and Margarita: the libretto and the choreography of the production is created by Edward Klug.