How well do you know ballet?

How well do you know ballet?

On the IngoDance portal, we diligently tell you about the most famous ballerinas and dancers, choreographers, composers and artists. About the most important events and iconic performances. About those who influenced the world of ballet and those whose work was inspired by ballet. And we answer the most popular questions in the "Educational" section.

But now we’d like to ask you a few simple questions to find out together how knowledgeable you are in ballet. 

“How well do you know ballet?”


    Congratulations! You’ve correctly answered all the questions of the test and can consider yourself a ballet connoisseur!


    Congratulations! You almost did it! A little more, and the title of ballet expert will be yours!


    You’ve given more correct answers than incorrect ones, and if you read our materials carefully, you will definitely become an "excellent student"!


    On the one hand, the result could have been better. On the other, just imagine how much you still have to find out! We even envy you!


    No time to despair! Just read IngoDance more often and with each day you will understand ballet better and better!


    Huh! If you are absolutely sure you did everything right and didn't give a single correct answer, we have great news for you: you are in the right place! Start reading our materials from the "Education" section and very soon you will know everything about ballet!