Five Reasons to Love Ballet

Five Reasons to Love Ballet

“Ballet?.. It isn’t my thing... I know nothing about it...” - one can often hear something like that from an adult. But almost every girl at least once imagined herself as a ballerina, spinning in front of a mirror!

The love of classical arts usually arises in childhood. But even if your family used to spend leisure time in a different way and theater is just a beautiful building for you, everything is possible! We have found five reasons that will help you get rid of your doubts or even fall in love with ballet.

I won’t understand anything

Nothing to worry about - just have a look into the synopsis and find answers to your questions. Besides, ballet is performed not only to tell a story and convey characters. Its concomitant goal is to help spectators shape up their own images, give inspiration, and distract from the boring routine. It is worth watching a ballet at least once to experience these sensations of lightness and flight that we often lack in the dynamic pace of modern life. Step over the threshold of a theater and feel that all your worries, issues and even bad weather are left behind. At least for a while.

Reason No.1: Ballet is relaxation for the soul

Ballet is for the chosen ones

And this is great. Ballet is for those who have embraced it for themselves. If you have bought a ballet ticket, you are already this chosen one. As for the doubts that you are not prepared for this - leave it at home.

In any business, the first step is the most scary one. In ballet,though, it is just the beginning of the path to beauty, where amazing discoveries, new acquaintances, fascinating conversations with friends and evenings filled with vivid impressions await you.

Perhaps, over time, you will even become an expert - you will understand the terminology, know the ballet stars by name, and the theater staff will begin to recognize you by sight.

Still afraid of going to the theater? Watch a couple of online performances to get ready for a personal meeting with the ballet.

Reason No. 2: Ballet is a self-development

Ballet is old-fashioned

No, and no again! Many modern dance trends emerged from it. Even in hip-hop, you can notice elements of ballet choreography. Moreover, modern ballet is much freer and more varied than in the 19th century, and many performances are unique works of contemporary art. To reduce the likelihood of disappointment, read critics and audience reviews and choose the performance that suits you best.

Reason No. 3: Ballet is modern

Strange music

Or rather, unusual. Indeed, we are used to listening absolutely different rhythms. But this music is extremely beneficial. It is believed that classical music normalizes the body processes. Long ago, Plato wrote about the healing effect of music on the human soul, and many modern scientists have devoted their works to the healing properties of music. But no need to compare, just listen, and the music will find its way to your heart. Highly likely, when you return home, you will want to turn it on again.

Reason No. 4: Ballet is good for you

Ballerinas are so beautiful, I get complexes

Just go to the ballet more often. Admire and remember what a herculean task is performed behind this external lightness of execution! It is quite possible that soon you will recall your childhood dream and, to your surprise, find yourself at the barre in front of a mirror. And it will work for sure! It is not for nothing that ballet schools for adult beginners are today as popular as fitness and yoga.

The paths to excellence are inscrutable, and dance knows no age. As it's almost like love after all.

Reason No. 5: Ballet is a source of beauty

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