8 Russian celebrities who did ballet

8 Russian celebrities who did ballet

They have become famous in other professions, but they know firsthand what it means to stand at the barre. 

Polina Gagarina

Singer Polina Gagarina was born into the family of ballerina and choreographer Ekaterina Mukacheva. From an early age, the girl was practicing classical choreography. Gagarina adored ballet, trained hard and dreamed of connecting her professional future with dance, despite the fact that teachers criticized her for being overweight. But one day Polina heard Whitney Houston's song from The Bodyguard movie and got a dream of becoming a singer. So, she quit ballet and devoted herself entirely to music. 

Anna Chipovskaya

Being a child, actress Anna Chipovskaya was learning ballet and music at the same time. She was quite successful in ballet, but still had to give up classes: 

“It was hard for my mother to take me to both schools, so at some point she chose the piano. She made her decision without asking me. It made me very angry. For being deprived of my favorite ballet, I sabotaged everything else. I refused to play musical scales and pieces and she couldn’t make me.”

Danila Kozlovsky

A sex symbol of Russian cinema and one of the few Russian actors who successfully starred in Hollywood, Danila Kozlovsky, stood at the barre as a child too. At the age of seven, he entered a ballet school, but after a while the teachers told his mother that the boy would not become a ballet dancer and they didn’t want to make him suffer in vain. However, Kozlovsky retained his love for classical art - the actor attends ballet performances on a regular basis. 

Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia Sobchak spent her childhood in St. Petersburg. The daughter of the mayor of the northern capital, she was being comprehensively developed from an early age, which included choreography. Sobchak studied at the Mariinsky Theater ballet studio. At first thought, the academic form of art seems out of character of the rebellious TV presenter, but, like all ballet dancers, she is a real workaholic and always in great physical shape. 

Elizaveta Boyarskaya

In 2015, Elizaveta Boyarskaya played a prima ballerina in the TV series Romeo and Juliet of the Cold War. The prototype of her heroine was Lyudmila Vlasova, the Bolshoi Theater star in the 1960s-1980s. The actress looked very convincing in this role, probably because in her childhood she studied classical choreography for 13 years and even entered the Vaganova Academy, from where, however, she was expelled a month later.

Matilda Shnurova

A socialite and ex-wife of the frontman of the Leningrad band, Matilda Shnurova dreamed of doing ballet since childhood, but she came to ballet class only at the age of 18. Since then, she was practicing at the barre regularly, but after moving from Moscow to St. Petersburg, she discovered that there were practically no studios for adults there. Together with her friend, ballerina Maria Barkhatova, Matilda opened the Isadora ballet school, where she invited graduates of the Vaganova Academy, soloists of the Russian Ballet and the Mariinsky Theater as teachers. As for now, Shnurova has turned over management of the school to Barkhatova. 

Svetlana Khodchenkova

In 2007, the actress Svetlana Khodchenkova starred as a ballerina in Pavel Sanaev's film Kilometer Zero. Preparing for the role, the actress spent several months in class with the teachers of the Mariinsky Theater, who highly appreciated her choreographic skills. The teachers noted that with such physique, she could become a professional ballerina if she had started ballet in due course. 

Olga Lomonosova

Many people know Olga Lomonosova as an actress, but she is a ballerina by her first profession. Olga graduated from the Kiev Choreographic School and moved to Moscow, where she danced in the troupe of the Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theater and later in the Imperial Russian Ballet. Unfortunately, after a leg injury, Lomonosova had to leave this profession. She entered the Shchukin Theater Institute, which was the beginning of her successful acting career.